Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i have been..sittin had company, we partied a bit, this as a couple..
we watched some porn, but they were interested in letting me film thier video having sex for fun, dueto party favors he may experience ED, but he can play with her pussy, or let her masturbate for him.. either or they left...
nowi cn break out he albolene, and jack to edging fun..
4:10am - sat naked and and lubed my cock, with a few flv players playing guys and gals masturbating and looped....and i readied a podcast of richard lovell ..chronic masturbation series..which we discusssanely and while jackng, try andubdrstand our'addiction'
4:25am - porn looped,podcast playing, i pumped my albolene greased cock, to the point the porn wast my visual stimuli.. it was gazng at my cock, hard and throbbing..aching to release, i teased my cock by lightly and quickly start fromthe base, jacked upward and off..i took ten seconds, to enhance th edging edge..
4:39am - i stoppd to calm it down, the sensations.. the rush of penile sesations ripped my loins.. waning more of the strokes.. when it calmed a bit i jacked furiously... ten seconds!..stopped
my focus went to the videos playing.. i watched a popper user and cock-ringed bater havily greaed and shiny cock purply red and engorged incumparison to his pale frame
i scooped a small glob of albolene and slide it over my erection slowly residing..
i pumped as the video guy pumped, wen he neared and strted shooting globs ofropes of cm, i stopped!!! but the sensation kept surging up and down my cock the stimuli of it getting furiously pumped hard just earier watching dude jack..
4:41am - almost lost it.. cum dribbled and occupied my uthera, the feeling before shooting, prolonged in my cock, i shooked it, to clear it so when i stroked my Cock is greased by albolene only ( albolene + cum leaks = frothy foam, cock is sexier jst greased by albolene)

4:59am - this edging session is now beyond porn or podcat audio...
it's just me, my cock... as one.. i lustfully gaze at my cock, telling it during strokes, "your a sexy cock, i love my cock.." "hail cock!" "masturbate! masturbate!"
each sensation mad me grunt, and moan... tying to control my yelps of pleasure, and loud mons, made me contort my face, i mad cartoonish faces of focus and determination or the gamer on the verge of winning..tongue out, "yeah! yeah!"..

5:22am - couldn't stand it anymore, aside from time, and neeing to have time to do errands, an get business down, my cock agreed it was about fucking time to cum
My cock had the best lobbying effort, along with my conflicting chronic addiction to cum alot even if i dnt shoot anything..jacking to a nut, repeat until te ol' masturbation guilt, or desire to move the fuck on and do sht besides sit and jack, ends te next sesion to cum again after cumming.. it was intense, enough to satify even my secondary masturbation addiction ssatisfied wth that ejaculation explosion

i sat in my spunk all on my leg, as i typed this entry... stimulte in my mind, yet for now my cock is yet to catch up...
i swear my cock is almost independant, it tells me whenit is ready, and when i want i have to wait on my cock to agree..
note: i joined tis church of cock, alot worship cock by sucking it, having it buried in ass or theirs, etc.. but masturbtion is the ultimate memberto coc worship, i mean if a worsipper wishes to worshiop via my cock, sure! its for my cock...
as i gooned and edged.. i worshipped my cock, chanted, and praised it..
and each time, such chanting/praise brought me to the door of ejculaton - the cocks' sign of approval/acceptanceof the worship..
hail cock!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Cock Worship Liturgy


The Church Of Cock Liturgy:

Our Fathers should lead us in prayer as we the brethren recite the response

* We cry to You Lord Priapus Lord of COCK ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For those who are Hungry for cock ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For the Thickness and strength of all cocks ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For those who desire the taste of cocks juices... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For those whose desire to abuse their penis ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For those who wish to sin in your name ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For those who are stroking alone ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For those who are masturbating on cam ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* That we may love and care for the precum, piss and cum ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* That the pleasure of edging fills our very being ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For those who are addicted to cock ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For all who seek cock deep in their throat ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For those who seek cock inside their ass ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For those who have power to cum and cum again ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For the relief of the mighty eruption ... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* LORD COCK enter my cock... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* LORD COCK drain my balls... Hail Cock, Lord Cock

The Congregations continue to chant the response until they achieve oneness by


Hail Cock, Lord Cock Hail Cock, Lord Cock Hail Cock, Lord Cock

Hail Cock, Lord Cock

* For those who have cum and joined you in heavenly orgasm ... Hail Cock, Lord



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Albolene, ain't nuttin wrong with that!

ALBOLENE! masturbator's best friend!

Erect Greasey Cocks - sign of another chronic or heavy masturbater!

Habitual Phallophilia extreme..(Chrionic-Xtrme Jacking)

not me above but PDX bater of oregon @

Hi, My Name is AlboleneBob, and i am an masturbation & ejaculation/orgasm addict ..
I LOVE MY PENIS, enough to make me do things out of the norm
although masturbation is considered healthy, and or harmless..
I LOVE MY COCK...So bad i became oddly atracted to male porn cock
i'm obessessed to find ways and mean of prolonged self sexual stimulation - edging - ie not the conventional common self learned methods for my masturbation.

i obessses seeking ways, gooning ..from uses of sounds, restricting cockrings, poppers, meth(cuz it frees my thoughts to tweek on ..masturbation), porn outside my oreintation, to mingling with biguys & gay peers, all in the name of finding all available pleasures to make me get off!
gooning - i zone the world out, basically i didnt care what my immediate evironment had going on.. its just me, my purple cockring'ed throbbing cock itching to release, and my albolene.. making faces..basically "cum/orgasm faces" porno stars make when they cum..lips pursing, biting my lower lips, jaw chatters, goosebump twitches, tongue flapping like a lapdog, maing gaga noise to my cock, grunting liKe an ape, growl like a warewolf, hiss like a snake, flap my legs like a epileptic gimp, etc..whatever i did to endure the intense sensations, while continuing to stroke, plus i didnt care what i look like i was doing or saying..IT WAS JUST ME AND MY COCK, STROKED IT FAST, SLOW, DIDNT MATTER.. MY COCK GOTTEN MORE ATRACTIVE, MORE SEXIER, MORE EVERYTHING..THAT MY COCK WAS IN MY HAND, LOOKIN HOT, SEXY, GREASY WITH ALBOLENE.. WHEN I TALK TO MYSELF, WHEN I ENJOY A MY DAMN GOOD SLICKED COCK FOUND IN MY HANDS TO BE JACKED

albolene, jackers prefered choice lube..

when i edge for hours, gooning my cock most gooning masturbaters when doing advanced masturbation techniques, it is just me a my cock.. lost are my surroundings, fellow baters in the same room, etc.. nothing.. my only thoughts are how i love my cock, the extreme rush of sexual sensations, fluttering in my loins and body, i feel on every stroke.. i make faces and grunt sounds & oddities, as i focus continously stroking my greasy albolene coated cock.. the tickling rippling from albolene greased glan & shaft.. sent wave upon wave of pleasurable yet, sensitive rushes & tickles all over..sensations like a orgasm, but brief as the end of a stroke before my hand descends down the shaft..
i call my masturbation an addiction because, i edge & goon, prolonging the the j/o sessions for hours, then finally reward myself, letting it go and ejaculate... only to repeat it within minutes.. when situations change the scenerio, unexpected company, work..etc..i will think of ways to return to masturbating soon, i think of anything possible to have a uninteruppted j/o session, as addiction because i see it moving slowly as my only serious true means of sexual outlet/gradification
girls who get turned on by male masturbation, give handjobs, or even abstractly get turned on/aroused by my masturbation..the exhibitionist/vouyerist dictonomy - i get aroused by their kink to watch cocks cum (cock-cumsluts = good) ..i will accept those girls in my life..(i knew many gals say if they had a cock, they'd stay home and jack off everyday..just pull on it 24/7, and ask why aren't we doing it? ie..why the shame to admit jacking off is wonderful), but may hope whatever girl i find, would accept that my solo masturbation as my prefered method of sexual gradification.
pussy will never be an issue being ever "good enough" .. or that their handjobs, blowjobs, are ever good enough. IT ISNT ABOUT PUSSY, IT IS ABOUT COCK, MY COCK, IN MY HANDS...
solo sexual gradification is my preferred/desired ways subconsciencely/consciencely guys or bi guys, if IT HELPED get you aroused, by loving my cock too.. hell yeah!.. . hey gay guys, if you're a Cock Worshipper, feel free to show me why gay guys are logically more insightful to know how to please Cock, then gals would.
on a side note..i am gay to my own cock, gay men, help me love my cock more, where my normal hetero M.O. would be simple dry or jergan lotion jacking. Gay cock worshipers, lustfully obessessed with a Fine cock specimen 1st - the personality of the cock owner's personality 2nd, has exposed and showed me many ways to bring my cock pleasure, influencing my own masturbation methods, and opening to me all the gooning methods i can employ..from cockrings, pumpers, poppers, e-stims, anal prostate wands, sounds(tubes like a catheter 2ft long also, to like entertain myself & goon watching my cum rise slowly up the tube and out the end of it 14 inches from the head, while 10 inches is up my urtheral tract up to my prostate. i goon jacking my cock as i pump a stainless steel rubbed sound through my cock slit - which my cockslit has lil 'lips' like pussylips.)etc....
and to my striaght fellow baters, it isnt gay to mutual masturbate, stare at cock while circle jerking, or even jack it off.. we can freely and quietly ..openly admire, jack, fondle, frott(cock2cock) jacking, without it being gay..we're just expanding and high five'ing the greatness of jacking off.. no matter how hot and lustful you feel if we mutual masturbated, or it is preceived i am lustfully enchanted by you cock, as we silently, but furiously jack off .. encouraging each other to cum or hold it, inwardly fueling lust and highly aroused by seeing me staring @ your aroused engorged greasy albolened'purple cock pounded by your fist
etc.. while your're doing the same.. maybe cuz it isnt your normal thing, and that taboo made it kinky to us both, enhanncing our lust..its just our cocks, we get, well i get aroused by seeng a nice hard, veiny cock, but i see MY cock 1st in any appreciate or even admire anyother cock but my own.. sorry dude, no homo, but its just about the cock man, i just had to give ita couple strokes and caresses.
i would suck my own cock, e-stim my prostate and milk it anally IF i could..
i may admire or get aroused by cocks from gay porn or j/o situations like j/o parties or circle jerks, or webcam shows, with both str8, bi & gay men intermingled.. i may even help handle/give a handjob-frott with another man's cock..
because as a straight man, i desire and am attracted to women, pussy, titties..
guys are 'handsome'.. but have no desire to love, or desire a man..for a relationship ... SO GUYS, dont be afraid join with gay guys for j/o sessions, if you ended up j/o'ing with some gay fellows, remember it is just cock, your cock.. let them all suck it after a dont have to recipocate lol
i can befriend str8, gay, bi, .. . np.. girls too.. but serious relationships( my heart, love, etc) i reserved for gals,
my cock is for me 1st, me 2nd, me 3rd...and everyone else can show me penile loving whenever

i wont suck or fuck any dick, - but i would suck my own cock if i could, and prostat-stim my bum bum cavity.. and i'd definately wont go apey if a gay man wanted to fondle, jack, or suck my cock..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello, My Name is AlboleneBob, and I am a Chronic Masturbator

I' str8 ilove pussy and love women, but i lve my cock, and male masturbation, i joined strickly to watch cumsho videos bymmbers i even submitted one.. i love to masturbate, i love o masturbate my cock, my perversion,includes everything cock related, even ientertainedseriously phallus &masturbation yoga/meditations which hve in male bonding over common love for maturbatin, leads to mutual masturbatin, but as str8 guy, thats okay..
because it is all for my penis..

"I'm a chronic, addicted, compulsive masturbator who loves to worship [MY]cock and edge for hours and hours and hours. Love to masturbate everywhere...I've been a committed solosexual for many years, but would love the idea of a very long bate session with other like minded dick addicted cock bators. I have my cock on my mind all the time, and masturbate as much as possible, trying to feed my addiction to ever increasing levels, hoping one day to be a slave to my hard cock and its need for total orgasmic bliss every waking hour of the day. "
bate master said it best, this should beour creedo..

it is through blogsot i found my roots and kindred spirits of my love of gooning.. imean jacking, sounding, poppers, edging, grunting, moaning.. and i see jar of albolen, anywhere my cock goes hard..
i se a greasy cock, i see fellow chronic masturbator (laest one yet to bloom)..